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Shy Gal Emoji Font

A cute and kinky emoji font featuring a Shy Gal · By Gwyndolyn Marchant


Recent updates

v1.3 - Yuletide Cheer
Hello everyone! I hope the solstice is treating you well. Today I am releasing a small update to this emoji font: adding a few special holiday-related emoji, a...
1 file — 1.3
Dronefication Guide
CW: This blog post explicitly discusses methods of engaging with drone kink. One request I’ve had is to talk a bit more about how Shy Gal Emoji can be used in...
v1.2 - Happy Halloween!
🖤🧡 Happy Halloween everyone! 🧡🖤 Today is the release of version 1.2 of Shy Gal Emoji, featuring several fun new additions to honor the spooky season...
1 file — 1.2.0
v1.1 - Animal Queendomme
After months of fiddling around, I’m happy to announce the first major update to this emoji font! Included are several animal faces, changes that fix all the...
1 file — 1.1.0

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