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"The game just opens with a bloodbath. Then everybody who is still alive is terrified and alone and doesn't know what to do." - Avery Crimes

"Gwyn you're a treasure." - Bear Lastname

FU Chess is a bad variant of chess designed on a whim with no consultation with anybody who even semi-professionally plays chess. It is a bad game and a fun concept that is engineered to produce maximum chaos, while still resembling a somewhat functional game.

FU Chess primarily operates on a series of main deviations from the main game:

  1. The Queen is replaced with a Regent
  2. All Pawns are replaced with Queens
  3. If a Queen hits the back row it becomes a Peg
  4. If the King dies, the Regent upgrades to a King

You can always find the rules to FU Chess on my website!

Further Testimonials

"Five out of five stars. All of reality before the creation of FU Chess gets one out of five stars. I'd give it a zero, but by existing it did eventually lead to this the only good game in the world. Finally I can get pegged by a girlboss like Chod (Chess God) intended." - Lo


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FU Chess - Piece Icons (128px PNGs) 67 kB
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thank u

chess needed more girlboss

Renaming checks as pog, and mentioning the pronouns of the pieces hahaha