It was a quiet morning, 9:32 am, and I had just gotten into the office. I was ready for a long day of doodling and following empty leads. Then she walked in.

Unbeknownst is a 1-bit (black and white, monochrome, noir) game set in the recent past, about investigating endless leads and unrelated clues that spiral down an eldritch rabbit hole.

Made for #1BitClickerJam


Programming, Writing, and Icons by ShadeJackrabbit

Art, Illustrations, and Design by ThePyranda

Music and Sound Design by Isaac S. Johnson

Additional assets:

Font: Alagard by Hewett Tsoi

Font: Gothic Pixel by SparklyDest

Font: Miami Writing by Aaron D. Chand

Font: HEAVY+BOTTOM by Madameberry

If the WebGL build does not work for you, there's a Win32 build available to download


Unbeknownst - v1.0 (Win32).zip 17 MB


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Love the SOUND!!! kinda reminds me of the old dick tracey sound tracks from way back.  everything else was gravy, great little game!!


oh my god that was ADORABLE i love it 10/10